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1820 US 23 East Tawas, MI 48730
1820 US 23 East Tawas, MI 48730


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Note from Nancy:
Thank you for all your time and support - you've made knitting a joy.
Note from Cathy:
Greetings, My sister Diana and I have arrived home safely.... My yarn stash should hold me through 2or3 years. We managed 13 yarn shops during our 4 day road trip. Your shop is at the top of the list for another visit in the future. I will remember the time you spent with us sharing your passion....
E-mail from Nancy:
I also just wanted to tell you how VERY MUCH I enjoyed my yarn shop experience!! I have only been in a 'real' yarn store twice in my life. The first was a total bum experience, and I couldn't understand why people got so excited about such places! My second was just ok. LOTS of beautiful yarn to touch and see, but SOOOOOO expensive and the shop just had no personality. Again, didn't really understand what the big deal was all about.

Then we stepped into your shop!!! NOW I get it!!! You and your husband were just wonderful, happy, sparkly people! I have been telling everyone about you! I wish we didn't live 250 miles away! I would love to visit you much more often!! I guess once a year will have to do!!
It was so nice to meet you!!

Note from Elizabeth:
I hope you received my previous note. If not, it just thanked you for the warmest welcome to your lovely knitting shop, all the tips and advice.
Note from Linda:
 .....We thoroughly enjoyed your shop and the conversation. We will be back. Thanks again.
Note from Mary:
Thanks so much for mailing my yarn. Now my husband will be able to live with me for a few more weeks.
Note from Angela:
Thanks you so very much for sending along the yarn. You have a wonderful shop, I really enjoyed my visit.